Uber is evolving the way the world moves. By seamlessly connecting riders to drivers through their App, Uber makes cities more accessible, opens up more possibilities for riders, and leads to more business for drivers. Uber's rapidly expanding global presence continues to bring people and their cities closer.

Evernote is a global leader in mobile productivity offerings providing software and services for note-taking and archiving to save thoughts, ideas and to preserve experiences. Evernote’s solutions include eight products that help people collect everything that matters, including formatted text, webpage, photograph, voice memo and handwritten “ink” note.

MobileIron is a global leader specialized in enterprise mobile management (EMM). MobileIron invented a purpose-built mobile IT platform for enterprises to secure and manage mobile applications, content and devices while providing their employees with device choice, privacy and a native user experience. The company went public on the Nasdaq (MOBL) on June 12, 2014.

GraphSQL is the world’s first realtime, fast and most scalable graph analytics platform for big data. Its next generation technology transforms messy, complex data into a natural network of objects and relationships to allow easy discovery of hidden patterns and critical insights.

Sentieon develops and commercializes cloud-based bioinformatic big data solutions for the life sciences and clinical market. Founding team came from Brion Technologies, which was sold to KLA-Tencor successfully

Sense.ly is an intelligent virtual assistant based mobile disease management platform. The company’s avatar automates low value-add tasks in hospitals & insurance companies with proprietary NLP/AI technology.

Magia is a Silicon Valley AI startup that has invented Invisible Selling for retailers. Invisible Selling is the art of digital selling with human-like interactions, deep domain expertise, and profound understanding of selling psychology that builds engagement, trust, and persuasion for shoppers to reach buying decisions with confidence and ease.

"Steven has been a great investor and advisor to our company. He is a strong believer in our team and technology, and has been proactive in thinking about ways to help the company before we even ask. He has successfully introduced us to investors and customers in U.S and in China. It’s fantastic working with Steven.”

-- Yu Xu, Co-Founder and President, GraphSQL

“MobileIron continues to build its business globally and Steven from Eastlink Capital has been a helpful investor. He bridges his on-the-ground experience in China with his understanding of Silicon Valley technology companies and provides valuable market insights. As we expand our presence in China, Steven has provided guidance on hiring and made introductions to contacts within channels as well as to the Chinese investment community. We appreciate having Eastlink as an investor.”

-- Bob Tinker, Former CEO, MobileIron

“Steven has been a valuable investor and advisor to us. He was instrumental in helping grow our company. Along the way, Steven has helped make sure that our long term is sound, particularly in building out a strong and lasting technical footprint. He brings methodical and quantitative thinking to our team and I recommend him highly.”

-- Adam Odessky, CEO, Sense.ly

“We are incredibly grateful to Steven for his help navigating the ecosystem of mobile in China. He is incredibly knowledgeable, supportive, and hardworking, and has connected us with numerous partners and investors who are right for us. As founders, we feel very comfortable having him represent our interests.”

-- Collin Jackson, CEO, Apportable